Blue Dodge Challengers

Here’s an assortment of Blue Dodge Challengers on the road in the Motor City!

From Southeastern Michigan car cruises and local Metro Detroit area auto shows!

IF you drive your Dodge Challenger to any shows or cruises in the Greater Detroit area, there’s a good chance that we’ll snap a photo of it & post it on this page! Take a look below at all the pictures, is YOUR CAR there?
(we attend LOTS of automobile events per year & constantly add new pics!)

( If not, and you want your car shown on this website, you can always submit your own pics for our “viewers vehicles” section! )

About the Blues:

There were 7 different shades of the color blue, used in 14 years of production.

Year / Paint Color Name:

2009 B5 Blue Pearlcoat
2009 Deep Water Blue Pearlcoat
2010 Deep Water Blue Pearlcoat
2012 Blue Streak Pearlcoat
2013 Blue Streak Pearlcoat
2013 Jazz Blue Pearlcoat
2014 Jazz Blue Pearlcoat
2015 B5 Blue Pearl Coat
2015 Jazz Blue Pearlcoat
2016 B5 Blue Pearlcoat
2016 Jazz Blue Pearlcoat
2017 Contusion Blue Pearlcoat
2018 B5 Blue Pearlcoat
2018 Indigo Blue
2019 B5 Blue Pearlcoat
2019 Indigo Blue
2020 Frostbite
2020 Indigo Blue
2021 Frostbite
2021 Indigo Blue
2022 Indigo Blue
2022 Frostbite
2023 B5 Blue Pearlcoat
2023 Frostbite

Blue Cars Gallery


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